10 Questions to Ask Before you Hire a Bookkeeper

how to hire a bookkeeper

And our recruiters are well-versed in helping companies hire remote workers. An active membership in a professional group also helps a bookkeeper stay current with news, trends and best practices in the industry. Also, members sometimes carry professional indemnity insurance through these groups, which offers added peace of mind for you.

how to hire a bookkeeper

And while it may not be the most glamorous topic, bookkeeping also plays a part. There are many aspects of being a business owner that drive success. We have provided a detailed breakdown of the potential cost involved in the recruitment stage and more further down the article, so keep reading.

What are the top benefits of hiring a bookkeeper?

For a clearer understanding of the distinctions between bookkeeping and accounting, refer to the comparison table below, which highlights their primary differences. On the other hand, accounting dives deeper into the financial realm. Accounting isn’t just about listing numbers but is more centered on generating comprehensive reports. Bookkeepers play an essential role in the financial health of a business.

  • This documentation is vital as it provides a clear snapshot of the day-to-day business activities, capturing the financial pulse of the company.
  • To be exceptional at these tasks, accountants must complete years of training and earn special certifications, which their salaries reflect.
  • Putting 5 job postings up for consideration is possible – and there’s no cost to do so.
  • Some bookkeepers act as management accountants and can analyze financial statements and other bookkeeper’s skills are limited to data entry.
  • If you’re suffering from any of the following symptoms, it’s probably time to hire a bookkeeper.

We have mentioned that communication is critical for your bookkeeper candidates. A communication skills test will assess how competently and precisely your bookkeeper can communicate in a professional context and interpret non-verbal cues. If a remote bookkeeping service is worth hiring, they ought to be able to guarantee a certain level of quality. For instance, at Bench, all bookkeepers get training and ongoing education in bookkeeping, in addition to having multiple full-time staff dedicated just to quality and standards. With the growing popularity of cloud-based services, many firms work remotely with clients.

How Does an Accountant Work With Financial Data?

Not everyone is blessed with the meticulous attention to detail and mathematical gifts it takes to be an efficient bookkeeper. Do you know how to properly document and categorize each how to hire a bookkeeper and every transaction to maximize your tax deductions and optimize cash flow? Are you incurring late fees or interest because you can’t stay on top of all the finances each day?

Now you have a better understanding of the skills and knowledge you’re looking for in your bookkeeper candidates, take a look at our sample bookkeeper job description just below. It’s customizable, so take a look and use it to your advantage. The other reason your bookkeeper’s job description should be clear and accurate is that a lack of accuracy can make your job harder.

How to find a good firm

Now that you know the answer to the question “How much does a bookkeeper cost? You may also consider using online bookkeeping services and accounting software to save time and money, all while meeting your bookkeeping needs. For instance, when you are first starting out, your first financial hire should be an accountant, NOT a bookkeeper that can provide strategic advice and help with tax planning and tax filling. This ensures you can pull financial reports, like profit-and-loss statements and income statements, whenever you need them and not have to worry about having inaccurate numbers. Bookkeepers typically charge $30-50/hour with a monthly minimum retainer that varies by provider.

Which means you’re blind to how much money you’re actually making—and the steps you can take to increase your income. If you are ready to get your eCommerce books in order, our team can help. Not to mention, make sure to ask how they normally communicate with their clients. The qualification and registration requirements differ from country to country. Be sure to ask your bookkeeper what their qualifications are and whether they are registered to lodge / file sales tax in your country.