Because 2nd Bartlet inauguration drew close, Donna told C

Because 2nd Bartlet inauguration drew close, Donna told C

Donna in earlier times kept the position out of Elderly Assistant to help you Deputy Light Household Captain of Team Josh Lyman and you will worked tirelessly on the Russell and you can Santos presidential strategies in 2006, along with Bartlet’s election strategies inside the 1998 and you will 2002.


Donna grew up in Warroad, Minnesota to help you an enthusiastic Italian mommy and you can an Irish dad, merely to read toward the conclusion Chairman Bartlet’s basic name one to this lady home town had retroactively come repositioned for the Canada, removing the woman out-of the lady All of us citizenship (her status is actually restored as a consequence of a beneficial “grandfather clause” about rules). Their loved ones afterwards gone to live in Wisconsin, where Donna was raised. On event “And it is Absolutely on their Credit” Josh Lyman has Donna’s birthday celebration on the their blackboard, place the woman birthday celebration a little while in the fall (passing by the latest time the new event transmit, a bit within start of paign once separating together with her sweetheart, only to leave to help you revive the dating; it didn’t last, and Donna gone back to work to own Josh.

Bartlet Management

Donna spent almost half dozen many years while the Deputy Head away from Staff Josh Lyman’s priong multiple White House staffers subpoenaed when you look at the House away from Representatives’ investigation into the concealment of Chairman Bartlet’s numerous sclerosis. To that point she came across and old Republican Household Minority The recommendations Cliff Calley; after while you are testifying, she said not to continue a log, that he know to get not true, having viewed it within her bedroom the prior nights. Josh caused Cliff to be sure Donna’s lapse, hence she said was an honest error, won’t bring about an effective perjury case.

J. Cregg she got given a researcher for the Arizona Post an enthusiastic inflammatory quote about tensions anywhere between civilian and you will armed forces staffers from the White House. So it angered Josh, Leo McGarry or any other elderly staffers, however, Josh following knew Donna wouldn’t have recognized the latest quoted advice hence she is covering having Jack Reese, a good Navy lieutenant frontrunner she was relationships.

Due to the fact second Bartlet title developed, Donna became restless along with her reputation and you can questioned Josh to expand the woman part. The guy sent her towards the a great congressional delegation with the Gaza Strip with Congresswoman Andrea Wyatt and you may resigned Admiral Percy Fitzwallace. She’d send repeated letters so you’re able to Josh inside excursion together with good flirtation with an Irish photojournalist. A good roadside bomb hit the vehicle carrying the American delegation, killing Fitzwallace and several other people, and significantly hurting Donna, who had been flown to Germany having disaster businesses on a folded lung, a reduced leg and other injuries. Josh flew there getting from the the lady side.


After to work on brand new White Family, Donna once again believed the girl business minimal and finally retired be effective because senior aide in order to Tend to Bailey, Vp Bob Russell’s venture manager on the 2006 presidential election, establishing the lady in direct conflict which have Josh-who had retired their own White Domestic updates to perform Matt Santos’s venture. Immediately after Santos acquired the Democratic nomination, Donna applied to work for Josh from the their venture; he refused because of this lady weeks out-of private periods into Santos while employed by the newest Russell strategy, but Communication Director Louise “Lou” Thornton upcoming rented the girl once the a promotion spokesperson, pressuring them to reconcile. Within the last times of all round election they in the end offered directly into years of unrequited common romantic thoughts. If be concerned of the transition overloaded Josh, Sam Seaborn offered your a keen ultimatum to take a vacation otherwise the guy would not register as Deputy Chief regarding Personnel, and you can Josh got Donna with him.

Santos Government

Donna got an appeal so you’re able to Helen Santos’s initially issues together with her partner’s continue promotion, providing the woman assistance and you can sense, and finally turned the original Lady’s Chief of Employees.


Donna, like Margaret Hooper, often is showed since naive, ? ? ?  however the show that they remaining their respective employers into the plan belies you to photo. She usually grabbed the newest ‘preferred man’ reputation in the place of Josh’s ‘Ivy League’ Baptist Dating Baptisten Webseiten kostenlos governmental position, heard the huge flo ? ? ? w of data around her and regularly altered their stance predicated on good proof and you may good objections showed. She was user-friendly not only on the Josh along with his needs (since the seen, like, when you look at the “Noel”) plus the majority of people she discovered, relating to the individuals of “Hartsfield’s Getting” you might say no-one more regarding the White Family got, being one to spot Senator Howard Stackhouse’s lost grandson and assume the root matter (“The newest Stackhouse Filibuster”). Donna’s authored temperament and you may capability to preserve guidance made the woman a keen priceless asset for the Bartlet Management, and soon after regarding the government is courted to focus throughout the private markets. Whenever she debated feeling unqualified because of the girl never finishing student training, she was advised that “working for Josh Lyman surpasses a beneficial Master’s knowledge”.